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Let’s live green!

Nature is governed by strict natural laws, which people must not disarrange, they must adapt themselves to them. Therefore, all that’s left for us is to inquire about surrounding things and phenomena, in order to be able to live in peace and friendship with them and to use them to our own advantage. For everything we see and feel around, for expressions of nature – we don’t have to invent anything – we just have to remember what we were taught at school or to refresh our knowledge, in order to understand these processes. It’s just as with various electromagnetic fields, in continuous interaction of which we constantly live. We all see sunshine and enjoy ultraviolet radiation, but many are still afraid of microwave ovens, which is in fact the same electromagnetic radiation. Both these things are of benefit to us, and with both we must be careful. Just like with ozone. We enjoy beautiful firmament and fresh air, and in disgust run away from big city smog. In both cases ozone has great importance.

Similar are with air ions. Invisible energy results in fresh air in the outdoor. A lot of positive and negative ions are produced in the fresh air. Positive jones are always more. There are much less ions in indoor, because they have been damaged by plastic windows, ventilation systems, electrical engineering and the people themselves breathing. And people inside rooms never feel as good as in the fresh air. Therefore, ionizers do a good job for people to feel well inside.

This is why we must be aware as well as careful. If we will use tools, created by nature, wisely, will use their best features prudently, we will live green!

Therefore I, in highest confidence, am offering you to use the best features of ozone and ions in our lives. It is harmless for environment, replaces the use of artificial substances in many places and conforms to green lifestyle and thinking.

Ozone has very wide range of use – starting with household air cleaning and water purification to use in medicine. Ozone is used in agriculture and industry, in fish farms and SPA business. It can be used as a gas or dissolved in water.

Air ionization is also widely used in areas such as healthcare facilities and schools, food production, the HORECA sector, offices and residential homes.

O Trīs SIA was established in 2010, in order to provide customers with efficient technologies related to use of ozone and ionics. Since October 2017, the company name is SIA OZONE TECH. Activities of enterprise are divided into three main directions:

  • development of technological solutions;
  • supply of technological equipment;
  • provision of services.

Member of OZONE TECH SIA board, Mg. econ. Juris Brūveris

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