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Portable dissolved ozone detector Model DO3 Nanotechnology enabled electrochemical sensor makes dissolved ozone testing fast, simple, and inexpensive. DO3 by Eco Sensors (a division of KWJ Engineering) is a fast, easy to use device for checking the ozone concentration in water and is calibrated in mg/L (same as parts-per-million by weight in water). This small, battery-operated detector offers an inexpensive alternative to more costly inline monitors and requires no disposable reagents. DO3 is a practical, versatile detector for applications where the user needs to confirm the presence of ozone in water. DO3 provides fast readings (5 minutes or less), with typical accuracy of ±25%. DO3 measures the ozone in the airspace above the sample, using Henry’s Law which describes the ratio between the ozone actually present in the water and the ozone in the air immediately above the surface of the water. While affected to some extent by temperature and atmospheric pressure, this measurement is sufficiently accurate for use in a wide range of ozonated water applications and compares well to more costly analytical instruments and the inconvenient colorimetric determinations. Producer Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc., USA.


  • Range: 0.00-5.00 mg/L (ppm in water by volume)
  • Display: digital readout in .01 mg/L increments
  • Measurement principle: gaseous diffusion
  • Size: 79.5 × 39.6 × 34.5 mm
  • Weight: 49 grams
  • Battery: User replaceable CR2450 coin battery


Ozone sensor and monitor Model A-22 The Eco Sensors A-22 is a general purpose ozone sensor and monitor. It is designed for ruggedindoor use, factories, pilot plants, process facilities and general sensor and monitoring uses. Ituses the same precalibrated sensor modules as our OS-4 permanent monitor and controller. Theinternal signal processing is done by digital microprocessors. The A-22 automatically selects the.030-1.999 or 2.00-20.00 ppm range as required. Its outputs are USB, 4-20 mA, 0-2 VDC and adigital display that can be back lighted. The plug-in replaceable sensors are precalibrated. Theuser can select continuous reading, or the maximum, average or minimum over a period of time.The hard rubber outer case helps protect the instrument from mechanical shocks. It has a tiltstand which can also be reconfigured to a hanging hook. Producer Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc., USA.


  • Sensor: Heated metal oxide semiconductor.
  • Ranges. 0-1.999 ppm and 2.00-20.00 ppm autoselected.
  • Sensitivity: First responds at .01 ppm
  • Response time: Within one minute of when gas reaches the sensor.
  • Temperature and humidity range: 0-40 deg C and 0-80% relative humidity.
  • Supply voltage required: 8-24 volts DC, 300-500 mA. Ground -.
  • Adapter plug: 5.5 mm/2.5 mm female, center +.
  • Size of instrument: 219 (H) X 111 (W) X 61 mm (D)
  • Weight of instrument: 745 grams