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Micro bubble flotation pump Nikuni DAF These are efficient, reliable, durable pumps, that are used to DAF flotation process – system of removal of suspended solid and other impurities from water slurries – by means of micro air bubbles dissolved in water slurries.

NIKUNI-DAF pumps offers unique, patented system of generating highly saturated dissolved air, where micro air bubbles are of the size 20-30 μm (traditional system generates bubbles 200-300 μm). The flotation efficiency getting higher the smaller bubbles are generated.


  • Pump efficiency: 1m3/h ÷ 42 m3/h.
  • Microbubbles size 20 μm – 30 μm.
  • Process of flotation is much more efficient, thanks to higher factor of water saturation with micro bubbles.

CONSTRUCTION: NIKUNI-DAF pump replace complex, traditional system (turbine, air compressor injector, static mixer, big pressure tank etc.) of generating water-air fluid.Excellent bubble generator for exercising three functions at the same time: suction, mixing and force-feed function.

Benefit of using KTM in DAF (Disolved Air Floatation):

  • NIKUNI have supplied a unique compact Micro-Bubble Generator, called KTM,contributing to remove contaminant partices with a small amount of chemical aid in the water purifying plant.
  • KTM has a highly precise and sophisticated pumping mechanism that can generate plenty of micro-bubbles by three hydro-dynamic principles: negative pressure sucking both air and water simultaneously from each port; air effectively mixed into water; finally properly producing pressurized air-enriched discharge.
  • The pressurized air-enriched water is transferred into the bottom of the dissolved air floatation tank. Then it makes bubbles sparkling formation spreading and growing up to the water surface and finally form sludge mat. It will be skimmed off.

Applications Disolved Air Floatation innovation:

  • Production of ultrapure water for semiconductor pocessing, wastewater processing
  • Removes impurities (metal compounds) from well water, industrial water, circulating water
  • Wastewater of food processing plants, kitchens
  • Removes oils and fats (normal hexane) before processing of wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater processing – 1 (removes oils and fats)
  • Removes die-cast mold releasing agents and press lubricating oil from wastewater
  • Industrial wastewater processing – 2 (removes fibers)
  • Removes small fiber scraps from recycled paper manufacturing, yarn-making and dry-cleaning wastewater
  • Chemical and food processing production
  • Recovers crystals, particles and fibers produced in solutions
  • Ponds, lakes, cleaning towers, tanks
  • Removes and cleanses floating matter, precipitation, slime and algae

Characteristics Disolved Air Floatation innovation:

  • Simple structure and easy operation. Providing stable micro-bubble water.
  • Thanks to the KTM superior gas-liquid dissolution capability, high-quality, high-precision micro-bubble water can be obtained.
  • Large saturation tank is not necessary, the installation footprint can be kept to a minimum. This makes the system optimal for post-production processing and facility renovations.
  • KTM can automatically draw in air from the atmosphere, so compressor and accessory equipments are not necessary, resulting in low noise and low energy consumption.
  • Because the only rotational equipment is KTM, there are a few incidents, and maintenance cost is significantly reduced.
  • A wide range of line-up is available to meet the needs of the customer.

Producer Nikuni CO Ltd., Japan.

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