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Ozone and oxygen generator SOZ-YOB The series SOZ-YOB products use oxygen generator in it to adopt oxygen. It use ozonegenerator produces high density ozone. This machine inside place to have no oil air compressor,percolation device, plug in can immediately produce ozone.


  • We apply adsorbing media from UOP in the U.S.A. By changing adsorbing pressure (PSA) oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, filtrate out poisonoussubstance in air, then get high concentration oxygen which is up to medical standard.
  • SOZ Series ozone generators use high reliability, high efficiency and long life non-hydroxide crystal titanic generating cell. The cell is designed particularly with ozone resistant double pipes. They are cooled by air or cool water. SOZ Series use high quality components. Intelligent cell design is the first creation in the world (patented).
  • Adjustable Ozone output, low noise.
  • Easy to operator, product at any moment.

Components: Two generating cells (from UOP in the U.S.A). Solenoid electric valve (from CKD in Japan). Power switch board, Separator which gets water from air. Non-oil air compressor. Discharge cell, stainless casing, current meter, 150 fan、flowmeter,ozone adjusting knob.

Producer BNPOZONE Company, China.


High concentration ozone water generator SOZ-YWS SOZ-YWS series ozonated water generators can keep at up to 10ppm, normal status is 5ppm, cycle water’s concentration. The ozone water has super ability to kill bacillus.

Function and purpose:

  • Sterilization:such as disinfection the primary material for food products factory and pharmaceutical factory and marine product factory.
  • Reduce the toxicity of pesticide residue: for food and beverage industry.
  • Water treatment: for prevent the algae and sewage disposal.
  • Keep food fresh: popularly applied for refrigeration room, food factory, livestock butcher factory.
  • Cleaning: wash clothes for hotel, hospital, sauna room, pharmaceutical factory, food factory. Clean public, toliet and so on.

Operating principle:

  • The generator including the Ozone generator and Oxygen generator. Hight Voltage electrical source, the pump mix water and gas. Generator split the water and gas. Control system.
  • The equipment use the High concentration Oxygen as a source. Through frequency conversion product the Ozone then use the Ozone’s oxidizability to disinfect and reduce the toxicity of pesticide residue.
  • The Oxygen generator is made in America. By changing adsorbing pressure(PSA), oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, filtrate out poisonous substance in air, then get high concentration oxygen which is up to medical standard. Then dissolve the Ozone to the water by the pump, so get the high concentration ozone water.

Specification: (if need High concentration Ozone water generator below 1.5T/H could choose mixture tin efficiency of our company. Can produce 0~200T/H).

Producer BNPOZONE Company, China.


Ozona ģenerators OZ This series of Ozone generator apply transistor gate inverting technology. Discharging room is consisted of non-hydroxide crystal tube. There are special designs to avoid water return. We apply module design technology on electric board and choose good anti-oxidation components for pipes, connectors and other parts. These keep OZ series to be long life, big discharge area, low working temperature and high Ozone concentration.


  • Air cooling,adjustable Ozone output.
  • Special design to avoid water return.
  • Long life discharge cell, continuous running.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Two type gas source: compressed air or oxygen.


  • Discharge cell, stainless casing, 60L air compressor, current meter.

OZ specification tab

Producer BNPOZONE Company, China.


Ozona ģenerators SOZ-KQ SOZ-KQ G series generator has the function for sterilization, purge the air,remove off-flavor in the air.The public - such as hotel, club, saloon, game room, the station, shoppingroom, office ect. We need make the air keep fresh and assure the health. SOZ-KQseries generator has the function for sterilization and keep the air fresh.Prevent disease effectively. This series has hand auto time controller.Stainless steel for the shell.

Producer BNPOZONE Company, China.

OZ specification tab

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